Eden Labs Daycare Center


Welcome to the Eden Lab DayCare Center! 

Dr. Malum greets you with a warm smile as you enter Eden Labs, an egg wrapped in your arms.

“Hello!” she says, her Electric Poochyena barking a greeting. “I see you have an egg with you today. Remember, things work a little differently here in Crater Region.

This method DOES NOT require the use of dust.


This has a requirement of:

An image or a written submission.

Image Requirements:

  • Your trainer

  • OR at least 1 of your mons, shown caring for the egg(s)

  • A minimum of Half-Body Lineart + Flat Coloring of your trainer

  • OR at least 1 of your Mon Full-Body Lineart + Flat Coloring

  • Egg must be clearly visible.


Written Requirements:

  • Your trainer

  • OR at least 1 of your mons, wrote caring for the egg.

  • A minimum of 3 paragraphs


*your hatched egg will have the levels added from your submission*

Here are some IDEAS if you’re stumped!

Prepare a place in your home for your new Mon. Get one of your current Mon’s to help! Show your trainer and one of their current Mon getting a bed setup for the new arrival. How will the new Mon’s type affect their decisions on décor, bedding material, and more?


Introduce the team to the idea of a new teammate. Show three of your current Mons’ reactions to the news of the imminent arrival.


Naptime! Show your trainer and a Mon cuddling the egg together.


Food brings trainers and Mon together! Show your trainer, one of their Mon, and the egg together on a grocery shopping trip, or cooking a meal together!


Music makes genius, or so some people believe! Put on your favorite songs and relax to the beat with one of your Mon and your egg.


There’s nothing like the great outdoors! Take junior on a camping trip with you and at least two other Mon on your team. Can you trust your Mon to babysit while you’re away?


Oh no, you’ve been caught out in the rain! Be careful your egg doesn’t get wet - unless, you know, it’s a water Mon in there, in which case by all means! Show either your trainer or one of their Mon trying to shield a non-water type egg from the rain. Or, if your egg is a water type, show them enjoying it together!