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  1. Posted on Jun 24, 2020, 10:17:08 PM UTC
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    Submitting a feature request

    First check the feature request trello board (linked below) to see if the feature is already been submitted). If so, you can upvote it.

    To submit a feature request, just post a new thread to the Suggestion Box forum and we'll get it into the feature request board if applicable.



    Why I don't always accept feature requests

    Someone recently filed a feature request for a feature on PaperDemon and unfortunately, I had to decline it. Sometimes this happens so I wanted to take a moment to outline my thought process because I think it will help inform future conversations around feature requests and feedback...

    PaperDemon's direction was previously providing a place to share art and build a sense of community. Over the years we ended up becoming something like a DeviantArt alternative. But continuing as simply a "DeviantArt alternative" was not working. The value offered wasn't compelling or strong enough. So I pivoted toward focusing on motivation and gamification circa 2017. Community and sharing is still a big part of this direction. It's just that there's no longer a focus on bells and whistles for sharing features.
    Art RPGs are the perfect culmination of sharing, community, and gamification. Our current roadmap is focused on delivering a unique value around an integrated Art RPG experience. This means my current priorities are on 
    1) providing features necessary for operation of Art RPGs
    2) simplifying and improving the core submission systems to better work with Art RPGs and have a better user experience
    3) building out integrated Art RPG features like a character database, item database, and inventory tracking.
    I get that there are many features you may be used to that are standard on sites like DeviantArt and it sucks to not have all the same features that you had there. But it's not realistic for me to deliver both the same feature set of DA and Art RPG features. Especially considering we have a much smaller team. In other words, fullfilling your feature request may mean it is taking away time from building what could be more valuable features for Art RPGs.
    I'm always open to feedback. But I'll be reviewing that feedback in the context of our priorities and roadmap. I just want to set the expectation that some feedback may not be realistic to be addressed in the near term (or even long term). That doesn't mean we can't talk about it though.
    To be clear, don't hesitate in providing the feedback. It will be my job to filter it out and determine whether or not it's aligned with our priorities. I just ask that you be understanding of the fact that I have limitations and priorities.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this wall of text.

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