Anyone willing to do One-on-One?

  1. Posted on Aug 12, 2023, 8:52:53 PM UTC
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    Hey, I'm Antfarm! I'm new to Paperdemon, and I kinda want to try doing roleplay here! RIght now, since I'm still new to the idea, I'm only willing to do one-on-one. I have one character I want to use (my only registered character, Cassandra). If you're willing to do one-on-one with me, please leave a comment and PM me! I'll try to respond as fast as I can. :)


    No 18+ content (I am a minor, and so is my character.)

    No really long, complicated plot that may take several weeks/months (a few days long is perfectly chill)

    No moving onto Discord (I don't have it or any other socials, and I'm currently uncomfortable with having any)

    No shipping OCs (crack ships welcome)

    Yes, we may roleplay combat (None that is extremely serious)

    Yes, I may be comfortable with being your friend

    Yes, I may want to roleplay with you in the future

    Yes, I accept art/writing of my OC as gifts

    If you would like to draw a scene from the roleplay, ask

    Note: If I recieve too many PMS/comments, I won't respond to them all. I'll only be responding to five at most.

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