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    ((OOC: hi :] i just want to rp possibly making friends with others if anyone wants. ]

    Kaivey had decided it was time to go. She had lived for as long as she could remember in a patchwork house located on a shoreline of multiple worlds. The delineations of these different worlds were not quite clear in this strange place, and as a result, each day she would wake up to a new collection of lost things washed ashore from these other places. For as long as she could remember, (honestly not long), she had cleaned and sorted and delivered these miscellany to people she met who she knew could find use in them.

    Slowly, over the year, she noticed that less and less seemed to have washed ashore each day. This was new, this was strange. If she didn't have an ongoing mess to help sort, what good was she to the world?

    The calm of the days felt a little... destabilizing.

    This kept happening, the feeling of needing to flee. Not wanting to do anything in particular, just not being comfortable really, with the time and space and energy undistracted from her self.

    So the reflex overcame her before she recognized it; she only knew she was trying to leave when she noticed she had packed her largest satchel with food, and other necessities. She made a face at herself, befuddled, and said out loud, "Really?"

    "Is this the only thing I know how to do, is leave....?" She felt a little bit of pain in her chest. She wished she could remember how she got to this place.

    She sighed at her self and this extreme response to what might simply be boredom, and resolutely took a step to place the food back on her shelves, return the heavy coat to it's place in the closet, and tuck her journals and books back in the place they live.

    "Maybe... the other shores are closing," She thought to herself silently. The unexplained changes to routine stressed her, and she noticed this energy in her body. A buzzing energy, running up and down inside her, while externally she felt still and calm.

    Kaivey took in a deep breath and sighed. "OK.... maybe I shouldn't go. Maybe... I need to get old things out. Maybe the cleaning happens on the inside from now on?" Her mind continued to be somewhat loud and repetitive with these thoughts. Then, she began to shift weight to either foot, and it reminded her it had been a while since she tried to practice flying.

    She gazed a day's journey towards the sea cliff, a tall place South of here on the coast. Another deep breath in, and she began to re-pack a bag- but a smaller bag now, a leaving to come home again kind of bag. A not running away from home kind of bag.

    And she set off before nightfall, planning to walk all night with the strange energy inside her, and practice learning to fly.

    Stars spattered the warm blue night, and a full yellow moon had begun to rise above the horizon.

    Kaivey walked slow, along forest trail, towards the southern sea cliff, letting her thoughts calm and slow.

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