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  1. Posted on May 5, 2021, 5:16:29 PM UTC
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    Welcome to the Packing and Crafting Challenge! Since the PaperDemon Art RPG store is still under construction, some inventory-related requests will need to be made through the forums.

    This part of the challenge will introduce you to making store requests here in the forums.

    1. Click the link below and fill out the form presented, then click [Submit].
    2. You will receive a game notification once the gold has been deposited into your bank.

    [Submit Packing and Crafting Request here]

    Request Form 

    Character ID: [Fill in your character’s ID number]

    Request: [write “150 Gold for Packing and Crafting.” If you are returning because of an error with your first request, write the details of the problem instead.]


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