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Commissions Open! [Dracostryx Exclusive Deals!}

  1. Posted on Aug 15, 2023, 6:39:47 PM UTC
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    Hello all! Due to some unfortunate circumstances (long story), I'm opening up some semi-urgent commissions!
    Options are available for all budgets (as low as $1!!), and more samples of my work are available upon request!
    My base price sheets are below, as well as my TOS (gross) at the very bottom, please read those and then message me for inquiries!


    Base Prices

    Please dm for text-based commission info!

    Please dm for text-based commission info!


    Billy Mays: "But Wait, There's More!"

    I'm also offering some Dracostryx exclusive discounts, cause lets be honest I really wanna draw some birbs in my unplanned vacation!
    I'm also willing to talk about other ARPG package deals and discounts, just message me for inquiries!



    Tributes consist of two colored, shaded fullbodies (your Stryx and their witness),
    with a full background and any environmental elements required for your choice of prompt.
    Normally, I would charge just over $100 for a piece like that. But today is your lucky day! 
    For a limited time only I'm offering tribute pieces at only $60 per tribute!
    In addition! If you purchase a full set of three tributes, you'll get all three for only $170!  That's a $300+ value!!
    Additional stryx can be also be discussed at discounted rates!
    TL:DR - $60 Tributes! Buy three, get them for $170!


     Hunting, Fishing & Scavenging

    I'm also offering entries for hunting, fishing and scavenging activities!
    These are colored fullbodies of your participating stryx, with background and required environmental elements.
    Of course you keep any rewards from the entry, and additional stryx and shading can also be discussed at discounted rates!
    Normally these would be about $60+, but today I'm offering them for only $35 each!  
    (And hey, I'm not unwilling to do other arpg rolls at this price either ;) )

    TL:DR - $35 Activities!


    Terms of Service!

    Please read these before DMing with inquiries!

    Please DM for text-base terms of service!

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