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    Offsite Art Approvals
    Use this thread to request judging for offsite art art. These will be added to your Official tracker where they will be marked as rollable activities or simply AP.
    These requests can be rolled HERE afterthey are judged, approved, and added to your Official tracker. 

    Only one request per comment!

    This approval system is ONLY meant to handle art created by users who do not have PaperDemon Accounts.

    Please fill out this form and reply to this thread:

    Stryx Import Link:

    Art Link:

    Ap count:

    proper format

      Please provide links to other stryx, ARPG, Careers, event bonus, etc, if relevant.




    As of May 31st 2021 we are no longer accepting the imports from dA. You must link your PD import when requesting the counts to be transfered and or counted.

    If you have already submitted the dA import with your request from before that date,  we will check to see if there is a PD one linked, but if there isn't we will be asking you to resubmit since we are not making the PD trackers anymore. We are sorry about the inconvenice. 


    DO NOT have conversations here other than questions about your count! We must keep this area neat and tidy!


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    Administration Area


    Please link any requests that are pending review here.

    Pending Comments:

    https://www.paperdemon.com/app/forums/post/36020 (-Ryla's)

    https://www.paperdemon.com/app/forums/post/36010 (-Ryla's)



    Need feedback on formatting by admins




    After you have finished your run, please link the most recently finished request here so that the next admin can click straight to the end of the queue. Use the post # link.

    Top of Queue:


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