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  1. Posted on Apr 2, 2022, 5:51:40 PM UTC
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    Level 3

    Do you have a 'Mon, that you think might be a better fit for someone else? That's ok! You may leave them here with us.  You'll be rewarded with a small amount of Crater Coins for being responsible in finding them a new home! Please keep in mind that you can only donate a total of 10 'mon a month, so make sure that you are certain in your decision, you won't be able to get them back! All donated 'mon are reset to level 0.

    Please fill out the form here:  

    Name / Species of 'Mon:


    Evolution Stage: (Base, middle or final evolution? Mark as 'Base' if it is a species that does not evolve)

    Extra: Anything extra about the 'Mon being surrendered? (i.e. was it hatched from an egg and have boosted stats or an egg move?)

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