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    { Eláfkeria Ownership Transfers }


    Welcome! Please reply to this forum to transfer an uploaded import to another owner.


    Additionally, you may transfer genos through this forum to keep the transfer safe, but this is optional for geno transfers to be official.


    If you have any questions, please go to our Discord server's help channels.


    Notes & Tips


    Some things worth keeping in mind!


    • Only one import/geno per form.

    • You can only transfer imports/genos that are currently under your ownership!

    • Using this forum is mandatory for import transfers, and optional for geno transfers.

    • Keep in mind that any items equipped to a transferred Eláfkeri will transfer with the Eláfkeri and be removable for the new owner to obtain. Remove any items you don't wish to transfer at the Kósmos Parlor!


    Ownership Transfer Form


    This form is for all kinds of import edits! From simple text edits, to item equipping, to design makeovers.

    Don't forget to fill out the form once you've posted your request! The form works as the official queue, and any requests not posted there will be skipped.


    To submit your import to the Parlor, please fill out the following form as a reply to this forum:


    PaperDemon URL: [ your profile URL ]

    Import/Geno: [ link to import/geno to transfer. If geno, specify number from litter. ]

    New Owner: [ new owner's PaperDemon profile URL ]

    HarP Tracker: [ link to HarP Tracker, if any ]

    Remove personal information: [ yes/no, remove information such as name, nicknames, and bio. This does not remove equipped items. ]

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