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  1. Posted on May 28, 2021, 3:29:51 AM UTC
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    { Eláfkeria Import Changes }


    Welcome to the Kósmos Parlor! Here, you can request for changes in your Eláfkeria's imports.




    The following can be made/used in the Parlor for free:

    • Import information edits ( e.g. name, nicknames, personality )

    • Update import bases from an outdated base ( swap to a free updated version of the import base )

    • Free Background Packs ( import background swap )


    The following can be made/used in the Parlor with the required items:

    • Change import bases to a different breed / feather type ( with the correct Add-On )

    • Soft and Golden Brushes ( design makeovers )

    • Appliers, Removers, and Add-Ons ( genetic and mutation addition/removal )

    • Apparel, Companions ( equiping items )


    If you're making any changes to the design, make sure you follow the Redesign Guide!


    To submit a request for design approvals or corrections, please go to Design Approvals & Corrections.


    For any questions regarding an admin's judging, please reply to their comment. For questions regarding anything else, please go to our Discord server's help channels.


    Rules & Steps



    • Only one design per form/comment.

    • You must ALWAYS log your request within this Google Form to properly add it to the queue. Requests not logged there will be skipped as they won't appear within the queue.

    • You can submit up to five requests to the Parlor per month.

    • If your links are not workinng, you will be sent to resubmit your form.

    • If your redesign submission is a public post instead of a hidden one, you will be sent to resubmit your form. Read how to hide your post here.

    • Do NOT delete your files until they have been officially uploaded to the Master Book. This includes previous versions of imports.


    To get your design ready for the Parlor:

    • Check out the Redesign Guide to make sure what kind of edits you're allowed to do!

    • Make any design edits on the current import's .psd file ( unless you're rebasing the design ).

    • Save the file as a .png with the original dimensions.

    • Upload the .png to your PaperDemon.com hidden gallery. ( Check out the help guide above for the step-by-step process ).

    • For import information edits, list out any changes you wish made in the forum request form.

    • Submit your request to the forum with the corresponding form!



    Notes & Tips


    Some things worth keeping in mind!


    • Always check the guide and make sure you have all the items you need!

    • Make sure you haven't colored outside the base.

    • Make sure you pick your colors from the official sliders.

    • Keep in mind items such as Marking Add-Ons do not get deposited in inventory, and you need to save the official comment as proof. We do not keep track of this for you.


    Parlor Form


    This form is for all kinds of import edits! From simple text edits, to item equipping, to design makeovers.

    Don't forget to fill out the form once you've posted your request.


    To submit your import to the Parlor, please fill out the following form as a reply to this forum:


    PaperDemon URL: [ your profile URL ]

    Original import: [ If using a design item, URL to the first uploaded version of the import ]

    New Design: [ If using a design item, URL to the new version of the import ]

    Design Changes: [ If using a design item, list all changes being made from the current version to the new one ]

    Items: [ list any used items, and proof of ownership if not found in your inventory ]

    Import Information Edits: [ List of import information changes, in order ]

    Items to Equip/Remove: [ List of apparel or companions to equip or remove ]

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  2. Posted on May 28, 2021, 4:19:22 AM UTC
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    PaperDemon URL: https://paperdemon.com/app/u/SheepMomther

    Original import: https://sta.sh/01broz20r6ca

    New Design: https://sta.sh/018s22j4wb0k

    Design Changes: 

    - Rebase to updated version of the Lean Koinos base

    - Background change to Manta Gi's Cloak



    - x1 BG Pack - Manta Gi's Cloak


    Import Information Edits: 

    - Bio/Personality: Moonlight is a gentle Eláfkeri that gives a serene aura. Although her wife Midnight tends to be taken as the more serious one, it's Moonlight who usually needs to pull her out of mischief and harm's way.


    Items to Equip/Remove: -

  3. Posted on Sep 3, 2021, 4:40:26 AM UTC
    ID: 35946 | #4

    PaperDemon URL: https://www.paperdemon.com/app/u/DopeyOakeyNuts

    Original import: https://www.paperdemon.com/app/g/elafkeria/character/3738

    New Design: https://sta.sh/01h8kmepsf7y

    Design Changes: 

    • Rebased Design on updated import
    • - Background changed to Manta Gi's Cloak


    • x1 BG Pack - Manta Gi's Cloak

    Import Information Edits: 

    - Bio/Personality: A little too over-eager at times, Tootsie has lots of heart and energy to give to those around him, especially to his beloved husband Arabica. He may not be the keenest, but he's always willing to give his honest, and oftentimes somewhat misguided, insight into any situation.

    Items to Equip/Remove: xx

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