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    { Eláfkeria ARPG HarP Updates }


    Welcome! Please use this forum to request Harmony Point official counts and updates.


    Keep in mind you'll need a HarP tracker for your Eláfkeri before you can request any HarP counts.

    To read about Harmony Points and how to make HarP trackers, please go here.


    For any questions regarding an admin's judging, please reply to their comment. For questions regarding anything else, please go to our Discord server's help channels.



    { Rules & Steps }


    • Only one import per comment.

    • There is no submission limit for HarP Updates.

    • If your link is not workinng, you will be sent to resubmit your form.

    • Keep in mind admins will only count up to 150 HarP per request.

    • Once you get your HarP official count back, don't forget to add the divider to the tracker!



    { Notes & Tips }

    • If your tracker has officially counted HarP but does not contain a divider you will be sent to fix it and resubmit your form.

    • Make sure your count breakdowns are clear and contain any necessary links ( e.g. for extra ARPG bonus, extra Eláfkeri bonus, game event bonus ).

    • If you're applying items ( such as Harmony's Arpas ), make sure they're mentioned within the tracker, as if it were an artwork count. Otherwise, you'll be sent to fix and resubmit.



    { HarP Count & Updates }


    To submit a request for HarP count and updates, please fill out the following form as a reply to this forum:

    PaperDemon URL: [ your profile URL ]

    Link to Import: [ import link ]

    Link to HarP Tracker: [ link to the import's HarP tracker ]

    Current HarP Count: [ current official HarP count ]

    Amount of New HarP: [ amount of HarP to be added ]

    Total HarP: [ grand total of HarP after count ]



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