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Dec 12, 2010, 8:48:56 AM UTC
Yes, x3 it can always be something non furry. Any animal is acceptable. And quite frankly there are no 'rules', there's just what people seem to think is common knowledge which is "Your fursona has to be some canine or feline." which isn't true c:

And, lol, the friend who recommended this place to me said it was new, but who knows. It's not like dA though, where every .1 second there's a piece of junk uploaded. It's hard to get used to deviantART, but mostly it's a place where people can complain about their lives in their journals, and upload their art for people to fawn over.
Oh and troll.

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[Art] you completed me.
Dec 12, 2010, 9:05:39 AM UTC on [Art] you completed me.
Lol i agree. I'm not sure if my art is anything good tbh. I went on DA and spoke to alot of people, but no one ever says anything lol!

Anyway, maybe i'll go aheadand think ofwhat animal i like best, orthe one that i connect with most. I either like Red Pandas, Scorpions, or maybe bats haha.