Posted Apr 19, 2024, 11:52:04 PM UTC

Prompt 3: Freeze! It takes seconds to realize that the portal has closed behind you. It takes another moment to realize you can’t breathe. Draw or write your character struggling for air as the water closes in around them. 


When the dazed doctor snapped out of the bizarrly captivating spell, he felt... off.  He noticed that he had no footing, that he was floating in a vast space.  Not only that, but he felt pressure all over his body, especially his chest.  It was so tight he couldn't breathe...

Then it hit him.  He knew where he was.  He was deep underwater, and he was drowning.

What in the world was he doing here?  Why was he out of the guild in his regular work clothes?  Why didn't he use his waterbreathing potion before delving under water? Why doesn't he remember coming here?  Where is that poti-- oh, there it is... and it's open.  Great, he can't use that anymore.

With what may have been his only salvation out of the picture, Duscor has to make it to the surface - and fast - before whoever lured him here comes back! 


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