The Button of Destruction

Posted Jul 23, 2006, 10:29:56 PM UTC
As some of you who pay attention to the news may know, within these past few weeks Israel has been going after the terrorist organization Hizbullah (sponsored by Iran and Syria) in Southern Lebanon after two of their soldiers were kidnapped.

Today I saw this news story :

In which the Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, made the statement, "that Israel had 'pushed the button of its own destruction' by launching its military campaign against the Iranian-backed Hizbullah in Lebanon."

Also, many leaders at the UN have been making statements condemning Israel for not using 'proportional' force as they are dealing with the terrorist actions of Hizbullah (aka Iran and Syria).

"One may well ask if there isn't today a kind of wish to destroy Lebanon -- its infrastructure, its roads, its communications, its energy, its airport. And for what? I find honestly -- as all Europeans do -- that the current reactions are totally disproportionate" -French President Jacques Chirac

To this I say, what the heck would FRANCE know about using proportional force?  Last time I checked when France tried to defend its country from a foreign invasion with its own version of 'proportional' force, they capitulated to the Nazis in an armistice agreement on June 22, 1940 and gave their country to Hitler.

Anyway, in reaction to all that has been going on I decided to draw this political cartoon expressing my humble opinion on the situation.

Drawn in pencil and inked.

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