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Posted Nov 21, 2023, 6:52:09 AM UTC

Lord of the Flies-

Being gifted forbidden knowledge in exchange for his copy of the Necronomicon, Dee had learned to harness the form of a giant wormlike beast. He can freely extend and retract many arms from each opening on his sides, as they are very useful for motion. He has a neverending hunger for knowledge, able to extract memories of the beings he has eaten.

Sky Taxi-

Designed for flight and transport. Can ascend to great heights with a good edge to hop off of. Has very very tiny paws he can use to grab things. Ideal environments are places like Avangard or mountaintops. However, he is very susceptible to air contamination so he cannot keep this form close to toxic environments.


Designed for swimming in deep waters. He is quite adapted to higher pressure areas and is bioluminescent through the spine. But as he is usually not one to swim, this is the rarest form to see out of this set. Not only that, the massive size of it consumes way too much energy to maintain.

Bio Arm-

Designed to be wielded by another but can stand his own. Well, who would want a weapon attached via intestines? Able to regurgitate stomach acid at high velocity like a bullet but would much rather not because ouch. Preferably, he will latch on and bite onto targets until they break or give up.


Removed- Wolfman
Added- Sky Taxi

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