Bleu ROCK Mycelia!

Posted Nov 10, 2023, 12:57:44 AM UTC

Bleu Theta
jump onto the table then stare at the Mushroom girl! She really is an Mushroom girl?! she gasp as she stare an moment, her brain rattle in lots of thought....then she squeak excitely and grab her instrument, which look like a bit club with an keyboard on it....playing an few drumming notes as she work the sound into an soothing Mellow tone

closing her eyes she let her muse carry her...soon the tune turn into an hard hard beat rock music as Bleu open her mouth to sing, her beautful singing voice actually make heavy metal rock good as even when she grunt it sound soft and lovely and not ear splitting.....she start to rock out as she sing....


she tilts her head at Bleu, listening intently to her song. Now this is much different to Dante


'Guild Intern' Kaytlyn

listens intently. Rock music was here favorite by proxy of her brother


Bleu Theta
"Deep in the forgotten wood, there is an girl who is misunderstood!

Dance in delight under the Moonlight! Your mind start to become very light!

She Smile and tell you it okay, but lick her and lose the day!

Mushroom girl will take you on an trip! Your sanity will start to Dip!

Dance with her as you lose your mind! Her giggle tell you that you are MINE!"

(Intense rift)

"Lost my mind and My Heart! But when I am near her I forget I had them from the start!

Mushroom girl in an fantasy dream! Leading me on adventure as an team!

She may have poison my Mind, But I will remeber her for all TIME!!!"

hard rock then gasp for her breath and fall over panting....


'Guild Intern' Kaytlyn
excitedly claps

"That was really good. Bravo!"


Bleu Theta
just giggle as sh had fun but she just woke up and rocking hard is...well she wiggle on the table as thank to the intern 


the little mushroom looks at the mouse with joyful awe. "That.. That was amazing!!!!" She beams happily


Bleu Theta
spaze with rashberry. "Bleu not amazing, only sing what flow in tiny head. Mushroom girl is amazing! She very awesome and wish I was mushroom girl too, but Bleu made as Mousefolk baby so she sing about other folk awesomeness...They are like cup and their greatness over flow and spill their wet greatness all over tiny Bleu and fill her with thought to sing out!" she slowly sit up and smile

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