Kassin True form, shrunk down cause Paper and drawing skills

Posted Nov 9, 2023, 1:26:22 PM UTC

While this is his True form, Kassin rather prefer the Blood Half that is Humans form and will often take his human shape over his Dark Naga form any days. Still the Pride of his birth, even if his clan betray him, is strong, He can not hate the naga and when push come to shove and an greater foe arrive, He will unleash his true form. For now, his true from is suprress, keeping small to advoid issue, an acceptable 40 feet long...but he can go to the max length of his growth of 4,063 miles long, longer then most mountain range. Of course it been hundred of Eons for even that form to be needed to that size so do not expect to ever see Kassin in his full DarkNaga size ever. No, think in This Paperverse, Kassin may have to get his hands dirty as a Human, despite this worlds seem to be filled with naga folks.

(Credits notes for RPG: For those who have ability to see illusion and such: Kassin Transformation is an Physical one, litherly shifting the human blood in him into the dominate blood and making himself mostly human with touch of Naga blood. Those who has ability to see one true form, you may see his True Naga Form over lay Kassin form but it likely too big to see all of it indoor. Those who Can ready magic: You know the Red Eyes of Kassin seem to be mark with perament magic energy, how ever many of his ability seem Divine in nature as if bless by an god or perhapes is one depending how said character can read the reading, seemly blending in with the world as natural as air to breath or water to flow, or grass to grow, Due to his MASSIVE form, Kassin has 3 and an half Heart.
I will add more when I learn of more ability of folk Character from RP :) Hard to know what folks can all do and do not want like an Naga Hunter with the ability to sense Naga to spend several game sension drinking with Kassin and for some reason never pick up he a Naga :P )

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