a little magic trick

Posted Sep 17, 2023, 3:48:25 AM UTC

I'm running with the idea that sky = wind and celestial = cosmos (space/heavenly). so this is Galassia doing a small trick with her sky ability. She is willing to use her element anytime and anywhere by any means necessary.  Need to push a breeze to push a boat. no problem. need to dry something off fast? you got it. she'll happily use it in combat either for enhancement for an attack or if needed. take the very breath out of an opponent. but in most cases, you'll see it for an enhancement of some kind either to her blade, arrows, or simply to get around faster. she feels her sky ability put her a little closer to her origin, her original home, the cosmos. A little part of her will always yearn for a place back in the cosmos (I mean she is a fallen star so...) 

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