Futuristic Fantacy

Posted Sep 16, 2023, 8:39:01 PM UTC

Created for the Opposite Timelines prompt. Sketch done traditionally and colored digitally in procreate


this one game me a lot of trouble, I sketched MANY ideas for more cybernetic wings to replace Kaidra's normal dragon wings with, I had my mind set on this more... segmented? Tail for her, but after a week I decided to just scrap the entire thing and redesign her outfit and hair to be more futuristic and do more minor things with her wings, so of course THAT'S when inspiration struck 😒 or, at least, it did lore wise. Before I dive into that I wanna mention that for her outfit I took HEAVY inspiration of the CAS items for the Sims 3 Into the Future expansion. Like, that bracelet is about as exact a copy I could get it without pulling up an actual reference image. Same with the shirt and leggings.


so in this more futuristic AU I imagine Eternia (Kaidra's world) mostly grew past their hatred of the supernatural, in the same way our world grew past racism. So basically they're recognized as scentient beings and citizens, but are heavily discriminated against. I imagine that in much the same way that intersex babies are forced to undergo surgery to make their bodies conform to our sex binary, supernaturals are heavily encouraged to have their less human bits mutilated as well to conform better. So here Kaidra's had her wing membranes removed and instead has prosthetic metal... plates? She can't actually fly with them.


since Kaidra's not on the run in this AU I imagine she wouldn't be as malnourished so I did my best to make her look a little less thin. I don't think I succeeded but I tried and I think that's notable. Also I haven't put this in her backstory, but Kaidra's right eye (her right, our left) is normally duller than the other eye not because of her half dragon nature, but because a childhood disease left her blind in that eye. In this AU that disease has been pretty much eradicated so her eye looks normal. Or as normal as an eye with a black sclera and slitted pupil can look.

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