[Pkmn-Crater] Night ride [Event]

Posted May 31, 2023, 5:34:44 PM UTC

Dustin and Logan both gain 100 TP

Hera the Fighting Arcanine gains 13 levels (+1 Fullbody Inked, +4 Soft Shaded Color, +3 complex background, +5 Event Trainer Bonus)

Dustin gains 950cc (+50cc Fullbody Inked +250cc Soft Shaded Color +100cc Trainer Bonus +250cc Complex Background +300 cc Event Bonus)

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Dustin Rose Crater Star of Mysteries 🧑🏽 #sm81
775 total points
100 approved points
Logan Kamiya Crater Star of Mysteries 🧑🏽 #sm396
1275 total points
100 approved points



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