Posted May 21, 2023, 1:00:10 AM UTC

Character Name: Ace


Character Age: 19


Character Species: Hybrid (Mostly human with some harpy blood)


Pronouns: He/Him


Hair color: Off white


Eye color: Orange-yellow


Brief Bio: Ace grew up in a small close knit community. The community was very devout and when Ace was around 4 is when his wings and the feathers around his neck grew in, as the first in his family to present any harpy like traits in many many generations, it caused much of the community to see him as some kind of divine vessel or chosen one. After that he became isolated from the other children his age, treated more like a holy symbol then a child. As he got older Ace was more and more isolated. He was forced to memorize holy text and ceremonies instead of training to fight like others his age, something that was highly valued by the community, and held to very high standards. Others were taught to revere him as a divine being and to never touch him or get too close out of respect for being the chosen one. Ace felt a bit resentful when he discovered he could use healing magic as it was something that furthered the communities beliefs and treatment. Ace's only real act of rebellion against the elders was watching the others his age train to fight, and practicing in secret. When this was discovered the elders were ferious and after that Ace was under constant supervision. Both of his facial scars are from an attack by outsiders that happened before he left.

When Ace was 17 he finally packed a bag and ran away in the middle of the night, knowing it was the only way he could leave. He's been traveling ever since, taking everything in and appreciating every chance he gets to explore the different worlds. He has also taught himself and learned to fight properly.

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