Cedella "Ceedee" Avantiere

Posted May 11, 2023, 4:01:15 AM UTC

Name:  Cedella “Ceedee” Avantiere

Age: 19

Species: Sea Elf

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Orange 


Ceedee grew up in an underground fighting circuit.  Her father, a former pirate and adventurer, taught her his love of fighting, and her mother did her best to give her everything else.  When a rival gang killed her father and took over his illicit business, she and her mother ran to a neighboring town, where they took up innkeeping.  There she spent the next five years getting into trouble, helping around the inn, and imagining getting her revenge.


Ceedee is skeptical of people, having been surrounded most of her life by people with secrets.  She tends to be aggressive, pushy and loud, but will tone it down once she gets to know people.   While she doesn’t have a formal education, she’s good with numbers, reads, has a passing knowledge of a few languages including body language.


She is surprised by her love of cooking and finds herself using it to relax.  She has very few friends but more than a few acquaintances on both sides of the law.  It drives her mother nuts to see her in and out of jail so much, but she takes after her dad:  a free spirit with a chip on their shoulder.


Character notes-


- She inherited her fathers love of fighting.

- She likes to cook and surprisingly to her has a talent for it.


- She has a phobia of heights., and will go to great lengths to avoid them.

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