Flugfahrt nach Avangard

Posted Apr 25, 2023, 6:34:32 PM UTC

Prompt #1 - Soujel Aircity

Avangard’s population lives solely in fleets of airships that sail the planet’s skies. The largest of these ships is the informal capital, Soujel. The ship is decked in ornate golds and reds, and is visible from an incredible distance thanks to the constant display of lights on its hull. These ships are designed to drift high above the clouds. The skies above the airship cities are always crystal clear. Draw or write your character arriving on an airship. The submission must include your character and a red and gold airship.


Chevy wanted to go on one of Kai's airship tours, all expenses paid for by the Valentine brothers with Veronica, so he gets his wish.

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