Birch Western Gyldengrove

Posted Mar 27, 2023, 12:19:33 PM UTC

Birch Western Gyldengrove
163+ ( but has only been out of his dormant form/hibernation for a year)
Hair colour:
Mainly a dark green that gradients to a lighter shade with his undertips being even lighter - during different times, depending on the temperature the leaves making up his hair can differ in shade, resulting in them appearing more red or blue.
(refer to his reference in his gallery if you’d like!)
Eye colour:
Scelear is a dark, almost black-green, while his irises are pale yellow and his pupils slightly darker slits.
Mainly light grey with his limbs gradienting down to a darker gray, though this can vary depending on different temperatures his design should always be consistent and recognisable.
Birch’s skin has light ridges in it, made from wood.
(Please refer to his reference in his gallery if you’d like)
Other physical traits:
- Birch has two horns atop his head that heavily resemble branches, they will usually have a few leaves on them, they usually match the colour of his hair and too can vary in shape and size but will rarely be bigger than his own head, mostly out of convenience sake.
- He also has a small tig-like tail on his backside that is usually covered, it too is never usually larger, again out of convenience's sake.

Character bio:
Having lived most of his life as a tree within the forest of Gyldengrove, a once-protected and sacred place, Birch only took his humanoid form when his home’s safety came under threat by a neighbouring kingdom, one that disregarded the blessed environment, taking it upon themselves to claim it as their own with no regard for the habitant within it.
After an altercation, Birch was forced to leave Gyldengrove alongside many others, wounded and afraid, with no knowledge of the world beyond the undergrowth.

Not having much of a choice, unable to return to his home, Birch did his best to adapt, not only to his new body but to the whole new world he was forced into, in hope that by doing so he could gain resources in reclaiming Gyldengrove back.
Vowing that he’d do anything in his power to recover it from the hands of the kingdom.

Due to not being that familiar with certain things or not having common knowledge like most adults, Birch can come off as being naive or easily gullible which in a way is true, he is easy to trust others at face value but it is just as quick for him to distrust someone and once he has that opinion of you, it's very hard to shift it.
He expects everyone to be just as committed to his cause as him and when he isn’t met with that, he is disappointed, judging people on that alone, not understanding that the world isn’t just black and white circumstances.

If given the help Birch so desperately wants, no matter how small or big the action is, he will give his undying respect and loyalty to those who aid him in his goal of getting his home back, not only seeing them as a long life friend but as an ally.
Those of course who do the opposite won’t be treated so kindly but whether or not Birch can differentiate those between people who simply can’t…

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