Posted Mar 27, 2023, 4:52:25 AM UTC

Character Name: Barley Boon

Character Age: 21

Character Species: Human

Hair color: Dusty brown

Eye color: Green/Teal mix

Brief Biography:

Barley is a chubbier farm kid who is good with plants. He has a very serious face and can be quite harsh in what he says sometimes, but often that is to protect his fragile heart and disguise his overly caring nature. He wants to go on an adventure to discover the world beyond his little farming village and the same acres of peaceful countryside he has experienced for all 21 years of his life. He got the scars on his face and neck from a burning barn as he tried to save as many of the kittens inside as possible. Since that incident, Barley does not feel the heat from fire or other sources of heat without flinching and rubbing his scars a little.

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