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Posted Mar 19, 2023, 11:58:41 AM UTC

Name: Kadambari | Kadri by friends

Age: Late 20s

Species: Demon Cat hybrid

Sexuality: "Ohh.. Are you interested?" | Pansexual

Height: 4'6

Fur: White

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Black (all 5 | 3 main ones and 2 opened when using her element)

Element: Earth


Character Notes

  • The third middle eye does not blink, it is always open and staring
  • Uses her tail as an arm to grab things and people
  • When using her element another two eyes open
  • Speouts grow all over her when using her element and need to be plucked off, her head sprout is just trimmed



The smallest daughter of a cat human Mother and Demon father Kadambari followed in her fathers footsteps in the goal of keeping his favour. Unable to keep up she was rejected by him learning to survive by stealing what she needed and doing shady deals with people in any back road. She became a thief and stopped trusting anyone.

Years into this an old man caught her, instead of turning her in he helped Kadambari make a name for herself by selling things that she had either earned working or brought with her own funds. He became a Father to her and the two weren't often seen apart until his death changed everything. The old man left an egg to her as he passed, she is unsure what it is but always has it close in the hopes one day it hatches.

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