Castimeria - Pinnley and Tib encounter a Ceebi!

Posted Mar 17, 2023, 12:09:47 AM UTC

Prompt #3 - Ceebi

Most of the animals on Castimeria are herbivores or pollinators. One of the best known are the ceebi, downy-soft creatures that are an eclectic mix of bumblebees, cats, and hummingbirds. Their colors tend to range between cream and vivid orange, but the domesticated ones can be all the colors of the rainbow. Draw your character encountering a ceebi. Your piece must include your character, a ceebi, and a background that includes flowers. What exactly the ceebi looks like is up to you!


While Pinnley and Tib were out exploring the fields of Castimeria, picking flowers, eating flowers, and enjoying the flowers - a little critter decided to flitter overhead! They'd heard about the wild Ceebi in the area, but seeing one in person was a plesant little surprise to brighten the day!

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