tangled in time

Posted Feb 10, 2023, 8:51:09 PM UTC



"Once a friend, once a traitor, once a lover... which one are you now?"

"I guess it depends who you ask."


Haunted by visions of a life he doesn't recall ever living, Jiteo Baine lives in the moment through a veil of terror.


Replaying the same scene of his death in his dreams almost every night, it's strangely impressive how he hasn't decided to never sleep again - but there are ones he yearns to experience again, and again.


Notorious for his greed for coin, Jiteo befriended Caspian solely for his own benefit. He was aware of the crowned eternal's poor recollection, and it was child's play to slip in some false memories from their partially made-up childhood. Unfortunately for Jiteo himself, he hadn't really paid attention in class. Surely a pair of metal cuffs would hold an Athos, no one was able to get out of those - he had firsthand experience, after all.


He should've known for having to wade through so much bullshit about Greenheart. A crown of horns wasn't just a cool look no one else was able to reproduce back then.


And Caspian cut through the two patrons faster than Jiteo was able to beg for mercy. To his fortune, Caspian wasn't a killer. He told the light-hided eternal to run - and if he'd see the other in the future, he wouldn't be as kind.


And that incident still shakes Jiteo to the core - not only for the forsaken prince's physical prowess, but the things he sees when his eyelids fall shut.


Because in a perfect world, Jiteo fell for him. He fell for an outrageously immoral, self-proclaimed king, that was more broken than a wine glass hitting concrete. The similarities he sees in both versions of Caspian terrify him.


Because underneath all that gore and hubris, still stands the boy he admired as a child. The same man that could've killed him in an instant, but didn't.


What went wrong, and where?

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  • Mar 3, 2023, 2:03:05 AM UTC
    This piece is so detailed and truly lovely. Your style really shines here.
  • Feb 11, 2023, 6:32:58 PM UTC
    Again just amazing line work. I especially love the movement that you put in the piece with his hair and tail.
    • Feb 11, 2023, 7:47:25 PM UTC
      aaa thank you ♥ i'm very proud of that lineart lol



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