the flamemane - Arcus 3.0

Posted Feb 3, 2023, 3:21:12 PM UTC

Arcus - enhanced wyfex - 25 years (visual) - she/her

eyeless - yellow-orange screen interface and mane


Sometimes referred to as the living embodiment of being cremated alive, Arcus is a force to be reckoned with. She's fast, rash, and difficult to stop once she decides to kick someone's teeth in. She's suspicious about anyone new, and her trust difficult to earn.


While not as fanatically against humans as Icarus, she doesn't take them too kindly, either. Having a history of rescuing countless wyfexes from perverse auctions, she has seen her share of the scum of humankind. Their lust, indulgence, and hubris disgust her to the core, and even Arcus has the tendency to be biased when faced with humans, or very human-like organics.


When Arcus became an adventurer, she abandoned the work she did as a freelance mercenary - mostly. Many habits were carved so deep, that she acts along their lines even today. It shows in her movement during combat, and shines through from her brash choices of words - and in her inability to trust, always glancing over her shoulder.


Before her time as an adventurer, Arcus could occasionally be spotted with a specific individual of her own kind. The reason for their separated paths remains unclear.


Despite her trust issues, Arcus is known for her familiarity with every wyfex she meets - even Icarus when the two aren't at each other's throats. She's determined to keep the bonds between the individuals of her species in good health, despite inevitable differences - because if wyfexes themselves don't look after each other, no one will.

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  • Feb 10, 2023, 4:40:22 PM UTC
    You've managed to get so much attitude in this portrait. I love it.
  • Feb 3, 2023, 4:03:00 PM UTC
    looks so good, love the linework and the lighting effects combined with the colors makes everything pop.