Celeste and Cho in Aridin

Posted Jan 5, 2023, 3:43:23 AM UTC

Inspired by an RP on Discord - Cho with the human Celeste before she was turned, glaring at the Parkats in Aridin.


Prompt #3 - Parkats

While wild parkats are more muted with smaller spots of color, centuries of domestication have drawn out the full rainbow in their feathered coats. Parkats are rarely privately owned, and it’s highly illegal to remove them from Aridin. Every city has a domestic pride of parkats that serve as mail carriers, hunters, and companions to the citizens. Their six limbs are webbed to allow them limited gliding ability, and they are unmatched at tree climbing. Parkats live in a community maintained nest known as the Guiler. They are generally considered physical representations of the will of the gods, and are highly respected and well cared for. Show your character encountering a parkat. Your piece must include your character and a parkat.

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