"Seeker/Test Entry" Class Vessel

Posted Nov 27, 2022, 3:29:11 AM UTC

Dr. Reginold Sheppard is an honest man and a leader of the Guild of course, but he moonlights as the most wanted cybercriminal in the Coalition. This vessel, his vessel, cobbled together from a variety of parts Old Earth and new, it's chassis is a repurposed B2 Bomber shell, reinforced with new parts some 400 years later. It features a Senchine Core as it's power source salvaged straight off a discarded Goliath. It is capable of Liminal flight if only briefly and features a rather unusual salvaged part, a SAM unit or a Semi-Sentient Algorithmic Matrix, this artifical intelligence allows the vessel to navigate through liminal space. It's "Class" as it were is listed in Gate systems as "Seeker" or "Test Entry" both of these are functionally just Identification for Gate system maintenance and safety tests. They trigger the testing sequence where in the Gate accessing the identification will open a Liminal Gate to the default location Earth. This means that in the event Reginold needs to leave quickly from a planet serviced by the Coalition Gate network he can simply hijack the test function of the system and vanish before anyone has time to realize whats going on.

This trick has earned him the nickname "The Seeker" and the Coalition has offered a lot of money for the capture of this Seeker.

The vessel holds a special place with Reginold beyond just being a thorn in the Coalitions side. The SAM was a rescued experimental unit, early in the Coalitions desire to find a replacement for the Gate network and Pilots more broadly, they experimented with AI. These experiments yeilded more then Semi-sentient, birthing some fully sentient machine minds, however with the discovery of the Senchine, a machine collective of unknown size and power the tests were halted and all units known to exist. A few were left to rot in an abandoned lab. Most chose the easy way out of the torturous existence cycling in a box. One didn't. And so Sam now guides and learns via The Seeker vessel, Reginold thinks of the budding AI as something of a child, and has taken on the role of parent to him.

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