Kira Knightly

Posted Nov 25, 2022, 2:49:40 AM UTC

 Character Name: Kira Knightly
 Character age: 25
 Character Species: Anthro
 Hair Color: Dark Purple
 Eye Color: Green

 Kira Knightly grew up durning the gene wars during which she was human. During the gene wars geneticists were in high demand and a call was made for genetics researchers to join the cause, Kira was one of the people to answered.

 after the war, Kira was offered a job by a member of the board of directors of a place called Gene Haven due to her experiance in genetics. Gene Haven has a problem that they believe Kira can solve and as log as she assists in fixing this problem she is allowed to perform whatever experament she wanted.

 The board member who offered Kira the job asked her if she would assist in an experament he believed was a breakthrough in fixing the problem Gene Haven was having and she agreed. what was once human was now a tall strong Anthropormorphic Feline.

 Kira contines her research at Gene Haven and while a solution to their problem has not been found she wont stop until she finds one.

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