Bryna Mynyddgwynt

Posted Nov 24, 2022, 12:47:52 AM UTC

Before rejoining Allistair-Allistdan and the remnant Strathmoor Werewolves, Bryna (later Brynadan) Mynyddgwynt came into majority with her Dwarf foster parents, the Mynyddgwynts.

"She may not ever mention it, or see think of it often, but in every female's heart of hearts she knows this world and everything in it is temporal.  She has a limited time to find the one for her.  Like the exotic flower once picked, she too will wither with age.  Every effort to attract and challenge her suitor is a herculean expenditure of energy and time.  Do not waste her time, son.  Tell her she is beautiful.  For if you discount her, you only waste your time in equal measure."

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