The Chlorosaur Pt. 1

Posted Oct 24, 2022, 11:21:57 PM UTC

Prompt #3 - Chlorosaurs

Chlorosaurs are vast, winged beasts that glide through the desert skies. Their bodies range from long and thin to wide and flat, but all of them are far lighter than they look. Their wings are shiny and almost glow in the desert sun. Chlorosaurs live solely on sunlight and water, spending their days in the skies soaking up rays. They only land while nesting or when they are exhausted or injured. A small population of Chlorosaurs have been tamed, but their massive size and inability to carry more than two or three people have made them less appealing as pets or working animals. Show your character encountering a Chlorosaur. Your piece must include your character and a chlorosaur in the sky or in the desert.


Apirka's first close encounter with a Chlorosaur wasn't exactly what one hopes for. After some travelling in the stone desert, she finds the creature grounded, sick, snared in a weighted net. Was it an accident? Was it left behind by poachers who couldn't find or transport their hapless prey? And what can Apirka actually do? 

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