King Constantine

Posted Oct 2, 2022, 12:07:59 AM UTC

Character Name: Constantine

Character Age: early 40s

Height: 6'1"

Character Species: Phauroran

Hair color: Two tone dark brown roots, and wheat blond ends. Straight, and chest length

Eye color: Yellow

Skin colour- Olive

Facial hair- Full beard, neatly trimmed

Sexuality- Homosexual

Other distinct features- Constantine's left arm right up to and including his shoulder is made out of crystal. It can break off with sufficient force, but is fully functional as an arm. It will grow back if broken off, but hurts if it does.

Gift art- I'm totaly fine with anyone drawing Constantine. You can draw him how ever you like as long as he has yellow eyes, and long two toned hair. Constantine keeps his emotions buried, and has a strong sense of loyalty. He comes across as cold, but those that know him understand his feelings are expressed in action. You can cover his crystal arm, or not draw it at all- I'm fine with either. I am fine with NSFW with this character.

Back story- Since he was a young boy, Constantine was groomed to take the place of his father in making his country Phauroraland vulnerable to invasion. Just as he was planned to take the throne, Desmond walked into his life and that two of them fell in love, destroying the plans that his father has set for him. Over the years, Desmond was Constantine's moral compass, guiding him to strengthen Phauroraland's walls, and uniting his people. Things were going fine till Chris Daniels came onto the scene, and took Desmond's son, Blaze away from him. His husband fell into a deap depression, bringing the anger out in him. Feircly protective of his family, Constantine doubles down on the defences of his country, treating all non citizens as potential threats to his country, and his family's well being. Perhaps a nice holiday in some other portals might lighten up his mood :)

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  • Oct 2, 2022, 1:39:56 AM UTC
    I love me a good older man character. Constantine is wonderful, and that GLARE!
    And the beard. Adrian may be jealous of the beard. Tongue
    • Oct 3, 2022, 12:48:25 AM UTC
      Hah- that's the royal resting bitch face XD he does have other expressions I promise XD yes though- he does have strong beard game! Its funny, I always saw Constantine as the middle aged man and old but like.... I'm 40 now. That's about my age XD RIP XD
      • Oct 3, 2022, 12:59:46 AM UTC
        I know, right? It's why we need the variety of character ages, so we can keep relating to SOMEone as we age. Wink



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