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Character Name: Almond Rossenfield
Character Age: 27
Pronouns: she/her
Character Species: Anthro (goat + dragon)
Hair color: white
Eye color: blue and grey
Brief biography:

Almond was born in a modest home with two younger twin brothers. With an absent mother since the twins were born, she had to help in whatever needed in the family little farm. This made her very hard working. When she was 15, due to his father going into debt, she was sold to a random pilgrim. She ended up traveling with him for over a year, and started to feel comfortable enought to feel like she found someone to trust on again. The pilgrim ended up being part of a cult who wanted Almond as a vessel for the demon their worshipped. The ritual didn't work: the demon was summoned and entered Almond's body, but not without ending everyone's life before doing so. Almond has now a seal on her back and is searching for a way to unlock the demon inside her.

She tried to find her family again but found the farm abandoned. She has no idea what happened to them and is hoping to find them sometime soon, to reencounter with her brothers and to punish her father for selling her.

Has a long scar on one side of her body from an attack during the ritual, who left her without a horn and blind on one eye.

She knows a lot of history and herbology. Knows how to fight, with her fists and daggers. She's studying plant magic.

Usually cold with strangers, but if given time, she will warm up and be the mom friend. Is terrible at expressing her feelings. Has big trust issues.

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