Metal's First Ball (COLLAB!)

Posted Sep 19, 2022, 4:00:14 AM UTC

Prompt #3 - The Gatecrashers

Teamed up with Charli for this idea!!

Prim received a VIP invitation to the Summer's Ball, and upon showing Carm, discovered that her pink pal wasn't! Primrose, being the lil wholesome genius they are, decided that maybe they could bend the rules a little... So Prim decided to help Carm crash the party! I mean, Metalhead is technically a single guest... I don't think the bouncer will ask any questions. 

Metal makes a reappearence! This time as a fusion and not a sentinel, so that's why they're coloured now.

Hehe, Charli got creative and made one of the guests in the lineup Prim's old design X3

This drawing features two unregistered characters, one I had actually planned for a while and the other (the bouncer) I kept because Charli really liked his design and told me we should name him XD So in the lineup panel, we have Eruza on the far left and Sir William II on the far right. 


this took for ever, much like the last comic XDDD I was wondering if something had freaking cursed us, but we had the time. ONE BACKGROUND WAS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME QUESTION REALITY.

Primrose, Carter, & Coco all belong to Charli .

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