Miss Fairy Bug

Posted Sep 14, 2022, 5:36:34 PM UTC






Don't all ocs need a miraculous ladybug au? No but Gaia has one is she a good ladybug? No she's not but that's because I ruined her character to be forever a bad character I've been thinking about just redoing her character or just losing her as an oc I just can't fix the mess I put her in

Listen I'll say this Marientte is probably the worst character in the show, I mean she gets away with stalking a guy and she's so creepy no amount of character development can change her. The trope of "girl is so in love with guy she stalks the living hell out of him and HE has to be with her because haha its funny" is a shitty trope c:  

Reference Photo:  https://i.pinimg.com/564x/8d/07/23/8d07238a430b14cb4c546b6975e97a72.jpg


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