The Fox is Back

Posted Sep 6, 2022, 5:14:51 AM UTC

Name: Violet (Zalfa) Age: 15 Species: Fox-human hybrid Hair: Violet Eye: Violet with magenta pink at the bottom Gender: female Hi, the violet fox girl is back! I'm back! And I decided to update some things of my oc's detail. First, changing the picture into my latest artstyle, because the old one is a mess (according to me okay). I'm not changing any design of the character. All of the things remain the same. Second, changing a bit about bio and personality. Yes, her name is still my name. You can still call her Zalfa. But I'll change her character profile into her nickname now. She's still the representation of me in my stories. And that's why I changed her personality a bit. I cant exactly explain which part do I change so let's just skip that. But she's still obsessed in adventuring the world. Also I wanna update almost all the picture of my ocs in character list. I also have some plans for new ocs. Also how the heck is designing a stryx with only an outdated photoshop. I've tried several times to just design and redesign but noone is right. There's always a mistake. I wanna get her a stryx rn I just aaa....!!! Okay I made her a new bio (dont mind my bad english Im not a native). Here it is: In this magical world, so many things to explore, there's a little girl by the name of Violet. She wants to explore and see the whole world. So many adventures await for her and she's up to it. She wants to discover new things and also magic. Violet is a fox girl. Her actual name is Zalfa. But you could pretty much call her with both. She's a cheerful and playful little girl, also canonically a neurodivergent. Like Zaclay and the others, she has a human form and mini form. Her human form is shown on the picture you see above. Her mini form is a tiny violet-coloured-furred fox. She could switch between human and mini form. She also has secondary form. (Yeah, Zaclay also has it) Her secondary form is demon and she could use it with both her mini and human form. She has black angel wings and red horns in that phase, also her fox ears and tail turned black. Dont forget her eyes also turned black and her iris turned red. Sometimes she turned into that form to fly or just attack people back or fight with evil monsters. Her weapon is a bow and she could summon arrows now, yay! But the arrow will magically gone a while after it hits anything. And she also could summon her bow so she shouldnt always bring it with her and also shouldnt having trouble searching her bow whenever she needs it. She has special connection with her scarf. She wear it almost everytime and everywhere. In some cases she might put it somewhere else and not wearing it. The scarf is the only thing that you can see in both of her human and mini form. Her element is darkness, she's pretty much more powerfull when it's nighttime especially under the night sky. But (not so) sadly, she cant see in the dark like most nocturnals could. Although she could be confirmed nocturnal she's just regular human, even her mini form is affected to it (untill I changed my mind?) So she would just sleep at night like most of the people would. Maybe she could control dark powers but she dont know yet? Guess we'll wait. And I dont know if there's a limit for character traits but there's even more about her. Well, she's a snow fox. Yes, snow fox. She sometimes appear at snowy biomes. But there's a limit of it actually. She's still can get froze or sick because of cold. But yeah she's pretty much could survive colder situations. Okay that's it, rip my hands trying to type this on phone ahahahah Hope you have a nice day and just wait for the Zaclay one ^^

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  • Sep 7, 2022, 3:03:45 AM UTC
    Welcome back!! It’s good to see you again!

    Your style really improved a lot too compared to the previous portrait as well!





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