Aeilus Swallowtail

Posted Aug 2, 2022, 4:22:34 PM UTC

Character Name: Aeilus Swallowtail

Character Age: 18

Character Species: Fairy

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Pronouns: He/Him



Aeilus is the prince of the fairy kingdom. He lives inside the tree that forms the capital city with his mother and father, the king and queen. 

He is childish and immature, and rarely takes responsibility for his own actions. Although this is often a bad thing, having a softer, more innocent outlook isn't always terrible.

Despite the stories that Bluewing fairies are supposed to have the most powerful magic of any fairy, Aeilus has no magic. Attempting to use magic in any capacity causes his wings to get brown spots. This is a fact that he is deeply ashamed of. 

Aeilus, being the prince, was engaged to a young Redwing. It was an arranged marriage, and he had no feelings for her. So, of course, he decided to run away, choosing the night of the Fae Festival, as most of the guards would be busy. While running away, he happened to run into a Greenwing named Kael Vivid. After pleading with him not to turn Aeilus in, Kael agreed to help him get out of the city. They found a portal just outside town, and an inn on the other side of it. Before Kael could return to the kingdom, however, the portal closed, trapping him in this unfamiliar world. So now the two journey together looking for a new portal to get Kael home to his family.

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