D'Avignon and Muck: Tribute to Glayx

Posted Jul 25, 2022, 9:05:18 PM UTC

Third EoG image for OddOwl! Featuring their D'Avignon and my Muck. Witness is Muck's rider, Judas.


To fit the prompt, Muck is singing a song and D'Avignon has a shiny necklace.


Thought to be as old as the universe itself, the Standing Stones stand as proud as ever, defying time itself. These stones have seen countless rituals throughout the ages, all dedicated to Galyx. A tradition as old as time. The exact ritual changed through the ages, reflecting the person behind it rather than following strict rules. However it always featured an offering to the divinity. A mark of respect left as a tribute to Galyx. As the sacred stones stand before you, you prepare your own offering, hoping for Galyx’s blessing.

Requirements: Depict your stryx making an offering to Galyx at the Standing Stones. The offering could be anything of beauty or value, a collection of shiny trinkets, colorful objects, food, a dance, or a song.
Time of the day: Any

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