Summer Games 2022 - Sparring 1

Posted Jul 24, 2022, 9:17:45 PM UTC


Sparring is one of the most common Challenges dragons like to do. Often dragons with similar talents square up to compete.

Similar to human wrestling, dragons will square up in a Ring, then wrestle, slap, bite, and use their elements at each other until one manages to either knock the other out of the Ring, or pin them down.

Sparring tests your strength, quick thinking, and your endurance


Snowberry is off one of her adventures, and that adventure led her to a giant mangrove swamp. What's more, she stumbled into the middle of a Swamp Skimmer celebration! Well, why not participate in the fun?

Here she is depicted participating in the Sparring game; showing off her strength. However, since she's still a hatchling, Jay, the swamp skimmer, isn't sparring for real and instead is being amused by Snowberry's efforts.

SP Count:

Fullbody +4

Coloured +4

Shaded +3

Standard BG +6

Event (Summer Games) +6

Extra Dragon +4

Personal +2


Total: 29 SP


Extra Dragon:

Background ref:

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