07/2022 The Arrival in the city through the constructs

Posted Jul 18, 2022, 10:39:39 PM UTC


Cevogo had arrived in the constructs through the portal that led from his homeland. the Onex System were he lived for most of his early life. He was used to the airships of his home world and quickly arrived in the city of Soujel the aircity he calmly rides in on the airship. He watches the races through the screen on the airship and sees steam billowing from the engines that empowers him to chill out on the ship deck and see the city in its fullest. He didn’t like that Runseedoy had its own thing and lived in such luxury and worked has an Eye Doctor 


So he went on his own adventure of a lifetime; he was so bent on Runseedoy so much that he forgot about himself in the war in the Onex System that was going on that he defected to the outer ring of the Onex System to Escape the Conflict that was going on. But now he had a new adventure traveling through the portal gave him a new avenue of adventure


He did not lead a great life before this journey that he almost thought this was going to be hard to start a new life beyond the Onex System. In this adventure he’d be the main focus for this adventure none of the ads for Radio Dragon would affect him there in the end. But he soon realized the reality of being through the portal into the constructs of the many air cities on this planet with all the Robotic and mechanical works of the cities with robo cats being petted by the cyborgs.


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