Samadhi`s Ember

Posted Jun 8, 2022, 9:41:04 PM UTC

Wösma didn´t know why she should even be suprised anymore.

She was just going on a stroll to get away from the loud  and busy atmosphere of the adventurers guild for a bit, when she suddenly heard a scream and could barely jump out of the way in time, as a stranger fell face first into the ground, right were she just had been standing.

Shaking off her suprise, she looked at the red headed young man and poked him with the hilt  of her sword to check, if he was still alive.

She could hear him groan, her heart beating a bit calmer after that.

That howether changed very quickly, as the stranger jumped up not a second later and started cursing up a storm.

She didn´t get everything he was saying, she just realised that his rant wasn´t directed at her but at someone he called ,,Noodle-boy" and "Dragon-girl" and people he called  "Peasants" and how they could never let him plot in peace or...something like that.

Hesitantly Wösma asked, if he was alright, wich let the red-head to get in her face:,,Of, course i am alright, peasant!? For what do you take me!? I am the future king of demons!?"

,,Alright, Alright.." she said flinching away, as the face of the stranger was almost touching hers.

Her ears were already starting to ring from his shrill voice:,,Just checking, you hit the ground pretty hard."

,,I´m not as fragile and weak as your kind!? And i think i wasted enough time with you, and whatever this world is supposed to be!?" He gestured to Wösma and then around him in an exaggeradet fashion, before outstreching his hand and opening up a red glowing portal to leave.

It was at this moment that Wösma saw something lying on the ground.

,,Hey, i think you lost-"

,,Not listening to you, peasant!?" the stranger said and disappeared through the portal, leaving an irritated Wösma behind, as she blinked for a moment, before walking over to the thing the strange had lost.

It seem to be some kind of ancient looking pistol, that was decorated with orange flames and was exuding warmth.

Still a bit irritated from the encounter, she just took the weapon with her, thinking it could come in handy.

She  just hoped, that the stranger would not return to get it back.

Her ears wouldn´t be able to take it...

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