So much for negotiating...

Posted Jun 1, 2022, 4:31:38 PM UTC

Because of the current situation in the Cygnan Stellar System a small group of volunteers sets out to collegt donations, consistend of food and other bare necessitys and organised a ship to bring them to the places where they are mostly needed.

To the most desperate people, that are on the verge of starvation and homlesseness, the ones that can barely afford the basics because of the insane price increases.

There was only one big problem.

The journey wouldn´t be a safe one.

Pirate ships lurked around every corner of the star system just waiting for any ship that would come by to attack and raid it, leaving nothing but a burning wreck behind.

The group needed protection, but didn´t really hace the funds to hire anyone.

This is when Wösma met a few of the vulunteers as she was looking for a ship that would take her with her, to a cerntain place she wanted to see.

She agreed to accompany the charity grop on their mission, since they promised to bring her to her destination in return.

They only asked of her to keep an eye out for any potential pirate ships.

Not that any pirate shio would actually attack the ship of a charity organisation on an humanitarian mission ,right?

Well these hopes were smashed pretty quickly as they were promptly attacked by a ship of raiders who rammed the vessel and boareded the ship.

Jumping into action , Wösma threw herself into battle pretty quickly injuring many of the pirates pretty badly before they retreaed onto their own ship.

They didn´t seem to give up on their plany to raid the Charity´s vessel howether as their ship just stood in place, blocking the way, keeping it in place.

Angrily Wösma prepared herself to enter the enemy ship to force them to move out of the was, if necessary with violence.

She was stopped howether by her clients, who instead wanted to try to negotiate a compromise with the pirates .

Wösma didn´t see why they should bother.

She already had made bad expieriences with pirates and raiders in her homeworld, since they constantly threatend her familys territory..

But most importantly, it was the pirates fault, people had to fight for food and other basic goods to survive in the first place.

They were the ones that attacked every trading ship that would enter the Stellar System, raiding and killing, causing the whole shortage of goods.

At this point The adventurer had zero patience or sympathie for any of the plights these lowlifes might have.

But she agreed to accompany the charity leader to go talk to the pirate captain.

The start of the negotiation went as good as one might expect under these circumstances.,


Prompt 4'- The Negotiators

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