Elseph's First World Hop: Pavia

Posted May 24, 2022, 7:18:59 PM UTC

Elseph stood before the forest portal, under a light rain shower. Taking a deep breath, the Witch walked into the Portal and was struck by a burst of scorching air. As she looked about, she found herself in a City in a realm she would learn was named Pavia, during a festival. And so, without danger of starting a fire, she used her Elemental power to embellish the dance she began, joining the Celebration of this strange new realm.
Prompt #2 - Cloud’s End Celebration

In early spring, furious storms batter the desert with floods and curtains of lightning. While these storms are considered a blessing for the fresh water they bring, they are also a time of hardship and danger. After the storms clear, the people gather for the cloud’s end celebration, during which many bring food from a wide array of different cultures and many dances are hosted in squares across the cities. There is also a famous competition to find the most beautiful piece of fulgurite made from glassed sand where lightning struck. Show your character during the cloud’s end celebration. Your piece must include your character and a celebration in a desert city. You can depict feasting, dancing, the fulgurite competition, or other celebratory activities.

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