Shikun and Phoenix Serving up Chaos!

Posted Mar 12, 2022, 10:57:53 PM UTC

Well the fey not the typical boss, unlike the monster that you wish to kill quickly, no one really want to out right kill the fey so this battle taken a long time with folks holding back their killer intent and hours turn days and our heroes get hungry. Shikun step away to start preparing food for everyone and as she finish she smile and wave Phoenix down who just step away from the battle after defending another hero honor with his gutiar as he tune it. Curious, he walk over and was more then happy to help the friendly chef but going to take a while to deliver the food. Shikun of course is no stranger to using elements in intresting ways and smile as she told him to start playing a song. All too happy to strut his stuff, he jam on his guitar as his aura bleed forth from his body as Shikun start quickly putting food on the plate then join him as she pour her aura with him. their aura twist and warp the air and tentacles wrap and writher from the void of chaos....Phoenix was curious what she has in mind until she start to motion the tentacles to pick up the tray and deliver it to people as she shouted to Phoenix "LET SERVE UP SOME CHOAS!!!"

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