Desert wonders

Posted Jan 30, 2022, 4:03:14 AM UTC

 It may look like they are 3 different creatures, but its only different stages of life.

 The egg pod, round with large smooth scales and a root like organ, wich keep the pod in place and absorbs any moisture, 

 The cocoon, round, with large and rough scales, with a strong tail poking out, the cocoon will roll around the desert until its get stuck somewhere cool and dark,

 The adult, who lives under the sands during day time, and gets out at night to scavenge anything edible.

Even though all stage are edible, only the adult is not bitter.

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  • Jan 30, 2022, 4:08:47 AM UTC
    ThunderRemix8 can claim any loot Thundara get from this entry.





  • Lost? Not their first time
  • AP-payment 1/2 Vivien 1.0
  • Spring Smell
  • AP-payment 2/2 Aegis
  • AP-payment 1/2 Vivien
  • OClock - Haunted Woods
  • OClock - Pumpkin Snatch
  • Yue - Haunted Woods IV
  • Yue - Pumpkin Snatch IV


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