Somewhere We Belong (new edition)

Posted Jan 15, 2022, 4:06:35 AM UTC

I wanna be in your eyes

Kona yuki yo fure

Boku to kimi ga iru basho ni

I wanna be on your days

Ah hohoende kono koi wo mamoru youni


P.O.V: You're in a photo booth with someone who happens to be both a seiyuu and pop idol... *laughs*


Because I've been aware that Sasaki-san's birthday will be coming in about 11 days, which can fly pretty quickly tbh, I decided to first draw up this drawing where him and I are inside of a photo booth with a solid backdrop, the idea came into my brain while I was looking at pictures of the man (Sasaki-san, I mean) that would be useful for both reference and coloring.

Yupppp... *laughs*

Note: Sasaki-san is the one of the nicknames of mine for Nozomu Sasaki. He's one of my favorite voice actors. 

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