Tryst - Latent Element: Earth

Posted Jan 15, 2022, 12:43:22 AM UTC

Tryst’s earth magic manifested one late spring morning while she was out harvesting wild strawberries. She could hear a strange whispering in the forest around her and may have found it unsettling if not for the soft, warm sentiments they shared. <I>The sun is so warm today! Look, the nice girl with the hair like starlight is here. Finally, these berries are too heavy!</I> The strawberry plant was what she had heard! When the strawberry bush realized Tryst understood, it excitedly twirled about her hands and wrists, offering her a large and beautiful blossom. Tryst hasn’t mastered her magic yet but she enjoys being able to hear more of the world around her. She’s learned to stop and smell (and listen to) the roses.

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